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Introduction: Vascular Limb Salvage Academy (VaLSA)

Introduction: what is it?
Gracilis Muscle Flap
Gracilis Muscle Flap
Posterior approach to popliteal artery, popliteal fossa exposure
Posterior Popliteal Approach

VaLSA is a novel educational initiative designed to compliment and enhance the formal training of vascular surgical trainees/ new consultants in the field of lower limb surgical and endovascular arterial revascularisation. 


Aims for candidates are to:

- Understand the surgical anatomy of lower limb bypass surgery

- Practise techniques for exposing lower limb arteries including:

  • Anteromedial and medial approaches to profunda femoris

  • Posterior approach to popliteal

  • Medial, lateral & posterior apporaches to peroneal artery

- Practise 'on- & off-piste' techniques for bypass surgery including:     

  • Composite sequential bypass    

  • Fem-ultra distal bypass

  • Redo fem-distal bypass

- Practise adjunctive procedures of bypass surgery including:

  • Gracilis, Rectus femoris and Sartorius muscle flaps

- Understand the concepts of endovascular surgery including:     

  • Subintimal angioplasty

  • Hybrid procedures     

  • CERAB procedures

- Practise lower limb angioplasty and stent deployment  

- Understand the evidence base for our practice

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