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VaLSA Lower Limb Cadaveric Revascularisation Workshop


Femoral-distal and Femoral-ultra-distal arterial bypass surgery remains an essential skill for all vascular surgeons treating lower limb peripheral arterial disease. This 2-day hands on practical 'fresh-frozen' cadaveric workshop assembles the expertise of leading lower limb vascular surgeons to interactively demonstrate the principles and techniques of standard and ‘off-piste’ lower limb bypass surgery.

Module clinical leads

Mr. Robert Davies, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Glenfield Hospital, Leicester, UK

Mr. Harj Rayt, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Glenfield Hospital, Leicester, UK

Mr. Michael Wall, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Black Country Vascular Network, West Midlands, UK

Techniques to be covered
  • Retroperitoneal exposure of iliac vessels

  • Common femoral and external iliac artery exposure

  • Pedicle muscle flaps including Gracilis, Rectus Femoris & Sartorius muscle flaps

  • Anterior, Anteromedial and medial approaches to profound femoris artery

  • Medial and lateral a to above knee and below knee popliteal artery

  • Posterior approach to popliteal artery

  • Medial approach to posterior tibial and peroneal arteries

  • Lateral approach to peroneal artery

  • Posterior approach to distal peroneal artery and posterior tibial artery

  • Medial and Lateral plantar exposure 

  • Dorsalis pedis exposure

  • Thigh, calf and foot fasciotomies

  • Graft tunnelling including obturator tunnel

All module 1 techniques are discussed in depth by a faculty member in pre-course lecture presentations and operative videos. All videos are in HD and made available to the candidates during their 1 year VaLSA enrolment. 

Example of pre-course presentation
When & Where

VaLSA 2024 dates: 26-27th March

Location: West Midlands Surgical Training Centre, Coventry

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