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VaLSA News

March 2018
We are excited to announce a new collaboration between VaLSA and the Lower Limb Endovascular Symposium (LLES). All VaLSA candidates admitted to the 2018/19 programme will be invited to attend the LLES and present during the 'Breakfast' abstract session. The best candidate presenting the winning abstract will be awarded a LLES travelling fellowship.
February 2018
Module 2, April 16-17th, 2018
SCALE unit, Leicester


Module 2 timetable is now available within the candidates section

Techniques to be covered include:


  • Popliteal artery aneurysm stenting

  • Below knee interventions

  • Proglide closure device

December 2017
VaLSA are delighted to announce that sponsorship for the 2018/2019 academy intake has been secured with Vascutek. this ongoing collaboration between VaLSA and Vascutek will ensure the ongoing delivery of this novel vascular surgery education initiative. We look forward to working closely with Vascutek going forward.  
3 October, 2017
Vascular Society (VSGBI)
Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

Peripheral vascular disease session (24th November) programme now available at VSGBI

21 September, 2017
New operative videos demonstrating the exposure of distal posterior tibial and dorsals pedis arteries now available in candidate section
12 September, 2017

VaLSA Cadaveric Workshop 2017

VaLSA welcomed 10 candidates to Keele Anatomy and Surgical Training Centre (KATSC) for two days of intensive cadaveric based dissection of the lower limb. 

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