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"Developed in conjunction with industry sponsors VaLSA is a not-for-profit educational initiative and provides the perfect environment for candidates to enhance their knowledge and operative skills for the treatment of complex lower limb peripheral arterial disease..."

Mr. Robert Davies, Vascular Surgeon, Leicester


The 5 modules are designed to complement and enhance knowledge, operative and endovascular skills gained during the senior years of vascular surgical training for the treatment of lower limb peripheral arterial disease. 



The Vascular Limb Salvage Academy (VaLSA) is a novel 12-month training initiative consisting of Five modules and the option of a 1-week visiting fellowship in one of the participating centers.


Application to join VaLSA is a competitive process based on the individual applicants’ training needs and career aspirations. The candidate should be ST5+ or equivalent seniority 

Example                Lecture 

How I use the Proglide closure system

Mr. Greg Mcmahon, UK

McMahon-Consultant Vascular Surgeon-_01

Greg is a consultant vascular and endovascular surgeon at the Leicester Vascular Institute, UK. He has a special interest in percutaneous (P) EVAR and extensive experience with the Proglide closure system


VaLSA News

December, 2023
Due to ongoing industrial action applications to join VaLSA 2024 are postponed until further noticen 
September, 2023
Due to ongoing industrial action VaLSA 2023 is postponed until 2024. Candidates will be contacted with more information 
December, 2022
VaLSA 2023 Applications are open

Application deadline is midnight 8rd January 2023
December, 2021
VaLSA 2022 Applications are open

Application deadline is midnight 3rd January 2022
January, 2021
VaLSA 2021 Applications are closed
December, 2020
VaLSA 2021 Applications are open

VaLSA is pleased to confirm we will be running a 2021 programme and are now open for applications. Applications close on 1st January, 2021.


Please visit the application page for further details. 

June, 2020
VaLSA EndoSim workshop Webinars Confirmed

VaLSA is pleased to confirm we will be providing a weekly 2 hour webinar covering all topics taught in the EndoSim workshop. First webinar is July 8th, 2020

VaLSA 2020 Endosim Workshop Cancelled
March, 2020

Due to the current COVID pandemic we have taken the decision to cancel the VaLSA Endosim workshop which was due to take place in June. 

January, 2020
VaLSA 2020 Programme

The VaLSA 2020 cadaveric workshop programme is now available for the VaLSA 2020 candies in the VaLSA 2020 Candidates section.

August, 2019
VaLSA 2020 Programme

The VaLSA 2020 programme is now closed to applications. VaLSA 2021 will be open to application in June 2021

June, 2019
VaLSA 2020 Programme

The VaLSA 2020 programme is open to applications. Closing date for applcation is 1st August 2019.

Please see application page

June, 2019
VaLSA 2020 Programme

The VaLSA 2020 programme will open for applications on 30th June, 2019. Please see application page

February, 2019
VaLSA Endosim Workshop 2019

The VaLSA Endosim workshop programme is now available in the Candidates section of the website.

November, 2018
VaLSA Endosim Workshop 2019

The VaLSA Endosim workshop for the 2018/2019 candidates will take place on the 1st and 2nd of April, 2019 in the University of Leicester Simulation Centre (SC@LE). Topics to be covered include: CERAB, popliteal artery aneurysm stenting, Femoro-popliteal recanalisation and crural vessel techniques. More detail is available in the candidates section.

October, 2018
New VaLSA Lecture available in the candidates section addressing the Management of Childhood Limb Ischaemia 
VaLSA version.jpg
Malcolm Simms

Malcolm Simms is one of the most experienced paediatric vascular surgeons in the UK having worked in the Birmingham Children's Hospital for close to 30 years. This lecture explores the tips and tricks he has developed to save limbs in children with limb ischaemia.

Lower Limb Endovascular 2018 Symposium Final programme now available
click here to download..
June, 2018
STARS Final programme now available
click on icon to download..
June, 2018
VaLSA 2018 programme received considerable interest from applicants. Following a competitive entry process ten successful applicants have been admitted to the VaLSA 2018 Programme. Congratulations. 

VaLSA EndoSim Workshop 2018

April, 2018
VaLSA welcomed candidates to Simulation Centre at Leicester (SC@LE) for two days of Hi-fidelity endovascular simulation based training 
March 2018
We are excited to announce a new collaboration between VaLSA and the Lower Limb Endovascular Symposium (LLES). All VaLSA candidates admitted to the 2018/19 programme will be invited to attend the LLES and present during the 'Breakfast' abstract session. The best candidate presenting the winning abstract will be awarded a LLES travelling fellowship.
February 2018
Module 2, April 16-17th, 2018
SCALE unit, Leicester


Module 2 timetable is now available within the candidates section

Techniques to be covered include:


  • Popliteal artery aneurysm stenting

  • Below knee interventions

  • Proglide closure device

December 2017
VaLSA are delighted to announce that sponsorship for the 2018/2019 academy intake has been secured with Terumo. this ongoing collaboration between VaLSA and Terumo will ensure the ongoing delivery of this novel vascular surgery education initiative. We look forward to working closely with Terumo going forward.  
3 October, 2017
Vascular Society (VSGBI)
Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

Peripheral vascular disease session (24th November) programme now available at VSGBI

21 September, 2017
New operative videos demonstrating the exposure of distal posterior tibial and dorsals pedis arteries now available in candidate section
12 September, 2017

VaLSA Cadaveric Workshop 2017

VaLSA welcomed 10 candidates to Keele Anatomy and Surgical Training Centre (KATSC) for two days of intensive cadaveric based dissection of the lower limb. 

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