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Lower Limb Endovascular Symposium

Birmingham, October 2021



The aim of the meeting is to bring together experts and clinicians from a varied background with an interest in developing and enhancing their lower limb endovascular practice. The emphasis is on current evidence, common practical approaches, as well as bail out strategies. The meeting hopes to stimulate debate and guide the future direction of lower limb endovascular therapies.


Prof Rob Hinchliffe, Professor of Vascular Surgery, Bristol

Miss Kaji Sritharan, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Royal Liverpool University Hospital

Where and When

Date: October, 2021

Location: Birmingham, UK

VaLSA Candidates

All Candidates admitted to programme will be invited to attend the Lower Limb Endovascular Symposium 

  • VaLSA Candidates will be invited to partake in the Meeting abstract session

  • A LLS Travelling fellowship will be awarded to the best abstract session presentation

    • Monetary value to be confirmed​

    • VaLSA and the LLS faculty will provide support and advice to the successful VaLSA candidate to identify a suitable national or international institution for them to undertake their LLES fellowship in.

2019 Example Programme: 

Click to download 2019 LLES programme PDF

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